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Water resources by categories: how to use this page

Categories include:

  • different types of institutions, centres, governments, associations, etc.

  • different types of documents ( legislation, agreement, protocol, etc.)

  • different types of events or activities: programs, meetings, forums, etc.

In order to make  a search

   type a word or a string in the "Criterion" field

   click the "Search" button

                                   the categories containing the criterion string in the title will be returned

                                   for every returned category, all the related components are listed


  • "water"
  • "involved in water"

The criterion must be typed without quotes. The search is case insensitive. The criterion string has to match exactly (i.e. "involved in water" matches "Involved in Water" but does not match "involved, water")

Using an empty criterion string and clicking the Search button will return all categories